Deployment of the National e-Invoice System postponed!

During today’s press conference, Mr. Andrzej Domański, the Minister of Finance, informed that the obligation to use the National e-Invoice System was postponed. The deployment of the System (initially planned to be obligatorily used starting from 1 July this year) is postponed, and the new date has not been established yet.

During the press conference, it was emphasized that implementation of obligatory e-Invoice System in 2024 was impossible as certain “critical errors” were identified in the system, involving its code, functionality and efficiency.

The Minister of Finance informed that it was necessary to prevent a situation where Polish taxpayers would not be able to issue invoices, because this would pose a threat to stability of business transactions.

The Ministry of Finance declared that it intended to arrange for an external audit to set another possible date for deployment of the National e-Invoice System.

At the same time, it was emphasized that this solution, being favorable for both: taxpayers and tax authorities, would be implemented, but it needs to be done in consultation with entrepreneurs and after their opinions and needs have been heard.

At this moment we can be sure of one thing – KSeF will definitely have its continuation.