Tomasz Srokosz


Legal counsel, a PhD in Law. Tomasz is a highly-valued expert on public-private partnerships, public procurement, court litigations and arbitration, environmental law and municipal management.

  • represents Clients in investment processes, starting from due diligence, through developing the implementation model, to project implementation,
  • he advises local governments and private investors on preparation of municipal management models in observance of the environmental aspects,
  • he heads the Competition and Public Procurement Team, specializes in EU competition law issues, consumer protection and public procurement public procedure and performance.
  • he provides advice to public entities, private partners and license holders in conclusion of the PPP agreements,
  • he represents clients in investment processes, in particular in real property sale and construction law,
  • he acts as an agent ad litem before common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court and the National Chamber of Appeals as well as before arbitration courts,
  • he authored professional publications and numerous press articles on municipal management, public procurement, public-private partnership and concessions,
  • he was a speaker and participant at conferences dedicated to PPP, municipal management, water law and public procurement,
  • a member of The Public Procurement Law Association.
  • an expert of The Forum of PPP Leaders
  • Coordinator of Litigation and Arbitration Service Line for Andersen in Europe