Andersen webinar: CBAM Regulation – Understanding the Measure and Navigating the Transitional Phase

To assist businesses and stakeholders in adapting to the CBAM Regulation, this webinar will delve into the reporting requirements, methodologies, and strategies for a smooth transition. Andersen professionals will share insights on how to navigate the transitional period effectively and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

🗓️ Date: January 18

📍 Platform: Zoom

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The first reporting period for importers is set to conclude on 31 January 2024, marking the initiation of a transformative period in the realm of carbon-intensive industries. The Commission has developed the CBAM transitional registry to help importers perform and report as part of their CBAM obligations. A user manual had been issued on the end of December.

CBAM key dates:

  • End of January 2024: Importers submit reports using chosen reporting method.
  • 1 January 2025: Only the EU method will be accepted, and estimates can only be used for complex goods if representing less than 20% of total embedded emissions.

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Join us to explore the CBAM Regulation impact, opportunities, and challenges as we collectively move towards a more sustainable and carbon-conscious future.