Ask our Andersen experts about GDPR. On-call advice – 28.01.2020

28 January is the European Data Protection Day. Our data protection experts – Kamil Kozioł and Paweł Grzembka – will be on call from 9.00 a.m.

If you have concerns about the practical application of the GDPR provisions, you are welcome to talk to us and ask questions. During their on-call time, the Andersen experts will try to dispel some myths and absurdities concerning the application of the GDPR regulations in Poland.

Some of the questions we are going to answer are:

  • Who is the data controller, and what does it mean in practice?
  • How to comply with the information obligation?
  • When should a personal data processing outsourcing agreement be concluded and with whom?
  • How to exercise the rights of individuals granted to them under the GDPR?
  • How to protect personal data?
  • How to respond to a data breach (what is it, and what are the obligations related to such a breach)?

28 January 2020 (Tuesday), between 9:00 and 12:00

Our experts are going to await your questions at: +48 32 731 68 77.