What tax changes are planned under the Polish Deal 3.0? Will the planned changes to WHT simplify the system? When do transactions with tax havens need to be documented for transfer pricing purposes? What will the mechanism of tax on shifted income be like? Will the new debt financing rules be favourable for taxpayers? Will slim VAT make settlements of this tax simpler?

Replies to these and other questions regarding changes in taxation will be provided by experts of Andersen in Poland.

You are welcome to attend the meeting (only in Polish)

Date: 19 October 2022, Katowice

Time: 9.00 – 12.00 (including coffee break)

Cost: PLN 149 net/person (PLN 183.27 gross)

Venue: Vienna House Hotel, Katowice, ul. Sokolska 24



dr Elżbieta Lispartner, tax advisor

Artur Hofman – senior associate, tax advisor, advocate

Żaklina Markowska – senior associate




During the meeting, we are going to discuss:

  • The withholding tax-related chaos – will the planned changes simply the system?
  • Who needs to pay WHT and when? What conditions must be met to benefit from exemption?
  • Who does the WHT abolition apply to?
  • Transactions with tax havens – new documentation thresholds,
  • Tax on shifted income – more precise rules,
  • Costs of debt financing – changes in accounting for them,
  • Simplification of the bad debt relief,
  • Deadline for payment of social insurance contributions,
  • Slim VAT 3 – will it be simpler?

 The training is intended for:

  • Chief financial officers, main accountants,
  • Employees of accounting / tax departments in companies,
  • Persons responsible for tax settlements in enterprises.


After the meeting, the presentation will be sent to the attendees.


  1. To attend the meeting, you need to register using an on-line registration form until 14 October 2022 and pay for the training. Please indicate your company email address to which the information about payment for the training will be sent. After we have recorded your payment, you will receive a confirmation of attendance.
  2. The training organiser reserves the right to cancel the training and select registrations, in particular reject registrations made by competitors.
  3. The attendee’s email address must be unique, i.e. the same email address may not be used for registration of two persons.
  4. Payment for the event is PLN 149 net (PLN 183.27 gross). A VAT invoice will be sent to the address indicated in the registration form.
  5. Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.