Business restructuring – solutions for businesses

Skillful adaptation to changing market trends and the use of the available economic, organizational and legal solutions, i.e. effective restructuring, is the measure of business development. With good restructuring a business can be released from burdens accumulated over the years, its effectiveness can be increased, results improved, financial liquidity and stability secured.

The experts of Andersen Tax & Legal, Poland have prepared a brochure presenting possible restructuring scenarios available for entrepreneurs who decide to follow the provisions of Shield 4.0, to restructure, liquidate or declare bankruptcy. We hope our paper will prove a useful tool for analysing the legal and economic situation of your business.

Andersen Tax & Legal, Poland offers legal services in the area of restructuring procedures, both in the field of business law, with the support of a certified restructuring advisor, as well as tax advice.


We offer:

  • preparation of the bankruptcy risk analysis and restructuring scenario,
  • preparation of the procedure, including assessment of a restructuring plan, negotiations of contracts with creditors (including standstill),
  • legal services in conducting restructuring procedures both in the field of business law, with the support of certified restructuring advisor, and the tax law.
  • assistance in agreements concerning distressed assets, such as sale of an organised part of an enterprise, and the related due diligence services,
  • designing joint ventures and risk optimisation according to the selected key.