Learning through play: Fairytale Advocates Spring Campaign

What is the best way to present the legal profession to children? The Supreme Bar Council has come up with an excellent idea: a Fairytale Advocates project to accompany the publication of a book authored by Ewa Ruszkiewicz: “Forest Cases of Bear the Advocate “.

Since April 2023, the lawyers and trainee lawyers who take part in the project have been visiting kindergartens and lower  primary school grades to read the tale of Bear the Lawyer to pupils.

Natalia Gaweł and Adriana Wydziałkiewicz from Andersen in Poland have also joined the project. The meeting which took place in Kindergarten no 20 in Katowice on 13 April was documented with the photos below.

What is the book about? It is a richly illustrated, interesting story in which the main character has an important role to play – all animals of the fairytale forest can count on his professional help. Will he help the Wolf who has been sneakily tricked and accused of committing serious crimes?

The reading was followed by a lecture on the legal profession. Additionally, the lawyer’s gown was shown, and there was also a quiz, and some colouring books!

The organizers estimate that in April alone, lawyers and trainees will read the book to tens of thousands of children.