Q&A Meeting | European Data Privacy Day

On the European Data Privacy Day – 28 January 2021 – our experts will answer GDPR-related questions. Between 9.00 and 10.30 we plan to hold an open Q&A session on MS Teams, with Kamil Kozioł and Paweł Grzembka answering you questions.

The following issues will be discussed:
  • GDPR during the pandemic
  • Vaccinations in companies in the context of personal data processing
  • Alcohol tests, drug tests used by employers – are they legal?
  • Using the cloud – requirements for legal data transfer
  • Brexit versus personal data
  • Recent fines imposed by the Polish Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) – how do they affect your organisation

You are welcome to attend. The experts will also answer your questions concerning personal data protection. Please send them to: kamil.koziol@pl.andersen.com or pawel.grzembka@pl.andersen.com

28 January 2021 (Thursday)
hours: 9:00-10.30
The meeting will be held in Polish.

LINK TO THE MEETING: https://bit.ly/3sTAYFt

Note: You can connect to Teams through your browser with no need to log in. To use your mobile device, switch to desktop mode.