WEBINAR | GDPR is not to be put away in a drawer | 28.01.2022

28 January marks the Data Protection Day in Europe. This year everyone involved in data privacy and protection will celebrate for the 16th time.

Andersen in Poland traditionally joins the celebration and you are welcome to attend a free webinar entitled “GDPR is not to be put away in a drawer”.

During the meeting:

  • we will summarize the period of 3.5 years of GDPR and the GDPR-fever of 2018,
  • we will talk about the necessity to treat the personal data as a process rather than a package of documents in a file,
  • we will try to explain what “privacy by design” should be like,
  • we will talk about responses from the President of the Data Protection Office and sanctions imposed by the Polish supervisory authority.

The meeting will be informal, and questions from attendees are welcome.

The webinar will be hosted by Data Protection & Privacy division: Kamil Kozioł – manager, and Paweł Grzembka – senior associate.

Date: 28 January 2022, time: 10:00 – 11:00


You may also sent your questions to us – we will be happy to answer them during the meeting.

Please send your questions to kamil.koziol@pl.andersen.com or pawel.grzembka@pl.andersen.com

The organiser reserves the right to:

  • cancel the event
  • cancel registrations made by some entities, in particular its competitors.

Invitations with a link to the meeting will be sent the day before the webinar.  If an invitation is not in your email box:

  1. Please check the SPAM folder.
  2. Please contact: karolina.skora@pl.andersen.com