Training | Polish Deal for enterprises. Practical aspects of the changes to PIT, CIT and VAT | 27.01.2022

You are welcome to attend a training session on changes in taxes after the implementation of the Polish Deal Program. We intend to present the essential aspects of the changes and their impact on running an enterprise.

What will you find out during the training:

  •  What consequences do the changes to PIT have for employees and employers?
  • What can entrepreneurs gain and what can they lose from the changes to CIT?
  • Which of the VAT simplifications will significantly affect the operation of a business?
  • What is there to be gained from implementing structured invoices?
  • We will answer selected questions from the attendees.

Date: 27 January 2022

Time: 9:00 – 14:00

Cost: PLN 390 net/person

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The training is intended for:

  • chief financial officers, main accountants,
  • employees of the accounting and tax departments,
  • persons responsible for tax settlements in enterprises.


Changes to PIT: consequences for employees and employers

  1. Modification of the tax-free amount,
  2. Increase of the second income bracket,
  3. Change of the health insurance contributions,
  4. Middle-class relief,
  5. Sanction for illegal employment of personnel (“undeclared” employment and concealing part of remuneration),
  6. Changes to lump-sum taxation of company cars used for private purposes,
  7. Remuneration of members of management boards and supervisory boards.

Changes to CIT – what is there to be gained and lost:

  1. Changes intended to seal the taxation system and make it more precise
  2. Simplifications and changes to transfer prices,
  3. Changes to depreciation (real property companies, premises and residential buildings),
  4. Changes to the so-called thin capitalization,
  5. Sales tax (the so-called minimal tax),
  6. The problem of profit shifting,
  7. Changes to the withholding tax (WHT),
  8. Hidden dividend,
  9. Reduction of the limit on cash transactions.
  10. Reliefs and simplifications for entrepreneurs
  11. Extended applicability of the R&D relief and IP box
  12. Robotisation relief
  13. Holding relief
  14. Consolidation relief,
  15. Liberalization of applicability of the Estonian CIT

Changes to VAT – sealing the system and simplifications:

  1. National e-Invoice System (KSeF)
  2. VAT groups,
  3. Financial Services – changes to taxation.


After the meeting, the presentation will be sent to the attendees.


  1. The training organiser reserves the right to cancel the training and select registrations, in particular reject registrations made by its competitors.
  2. The Organiser will accept registrations made by using the on-line registration form until 25 January 2022.Please indicate your company email address to which the information about payment for the training will be sent. After we have recorded your payment, you will receive a confirmation of attendance and a link to join the training.
  3. The attendee’s email address must be unique, i.e. two persons must not be registered using the same email address.


Michał Wilk – partner, tax adviser

Elżbieta Stawarczyk – manager, tax advisor, legal counsel

Artur Hofman – senior associate, tax advisor, advocate