Portal for foreigner affairs – review after one year of operation

The online portal for handling foreigner affairs (Moduł Obsługi Spraw), activated by the Office for Foreigners, has been in operation for nearly a year now. The website can be used by foreigners to send applications regarding their stay in Poland to the competent institutions. How do we evaluate it?

First of all, with the creator, applications can be prepared more conveniently and faster than when completed by hand or using a computer. The creator automatically disregards those parts of the form that do not apply to an applicant due to his/her previous answers. At the same time, it directs foreigners to the parts of the form that need to be filled in. In this way it prevents leaving empty boxes in the application. Wherever possible, foreigners can make a choice using dropdown lists. They can also use context-sensitive help that was translated into foreign languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Vietnamese and Arabic).

The creator checks the input for accuracy. In this way foreigners can avoid errors that may be made while completing the form.

Additionally, the portal offers the possibility to check options available to foreigners depending on their situation and to get information about procedures that govern foreigners’ entry and stay in Poland as well as leaving the territory of the country. It provides access to most frequent questions, errors frequently made at different stages of the procedure, as well as to procedure checklists to verify whether all steps required to obtain a permit have been made.

The portal is free to use.

However, after an application has been sent using the Portal, it is still necessary to print out, sign and submit a hard copy thereof during a visit in person at the local (province) office. In the future, the Portal is to enable electronic submissions and these will be the only ones required.

As soon the Portal’s target functionality is achieved (no necessity to submit an application to the local office), it will not only make it easier for foreigners to obtain residence permits but will also speed up the procedure.

The Portal can be viewed here: https://mos.cudzoziemcy.gov.pl/


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