Andersen in Poland obtains an integrated permit for dust and sludge solidification plant

For one of its customers (a waste management company), Andersen in Poland obtained an integrated permit for “Hazardous waste (dusts and sludge) treatment plant using stabilizers, Portland cement and additives of structural material, waste other than hazardous waste and other additives”. The annual throughput of the plant is 90,000 tons. The value of the investment project consisting of the plant for which the permit was issued is nearly 9 million zlotys.

The permit will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the environment, as dusts and sludge, i.e. waste generated in waste incineration plants, can be disposed of in a manner which is safe for the environment. With the increasing number of waste incineration plants, proper management of the waste dusts and sludge generated in the process (which are often hazardous wastes) becomes a growing problem. The possibility to operate dust and sludge solidification plant (based on the integrated permit) will contribute, at least partially, to solving the problem of incineration waste management. The information flowing from the market (from operators of waste incineration plants) indicates that the startup of the plant based on the integrated permit is a much anticipated and desired event.

The application for the integrated permit was filed over 2 years ago. After initial recognition of the case, the first instance authority refused to grant the permit. Following an appeal, the Minister of Climate and Environment cancelled the decision of the first instance authority and sent it for a review. After the case had been reviewed, a decision was issued consistent with the Customer’s interest.

An integrated permit is a document which sets out the rules for the use of the environment. It is required to operate plants which may cause substantial contamination of the environmental components or the environment as a whole; operation of this type of plants is not possible without an integrated permit. An integrated permit is a single document which combines the conditions for the use of all components of the environment in correlation with the size of the plant.

The case was conducted by Dawid Mielcarski, advocate, Senior Manager in charge of the Environment Protection Practice in Andersen Poland.


Dawid Mielcarski Senior Manager | Advocate, Katowice

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