Acting as a DPO

Andersen’s experts act as Data Protection Officers (DPO) and comprehensively support and supervise personal data processing in companies.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • monitoring of the GDPR compliance:
    • informing the Controller and the processor about their respective obligations under the GDPR and other data protection regulations and providing advice to them in this respect, and informing them about the planned legislative changes,
    • monitoring compliance with personal data protection regulations, including consultations in respect of division of duties, measures intended to increase awareness, training of the personnel involved in data processing, etc.
    • if requested, providing recommendations resulting from the data protection impact assessment and monitoring their implementation according to Art. 35 of the GDPR,
  • recommendations concerning DPIA (data protection impact assessment),
  • cooperation with the supervisory authority:
    • cooperation with the supervisory authority and acting as the contact point for the supervisory authority on issues relating to processing, including prior consultations referred to in Article 36 of the of the GDPR,
  • consultations with the President of the Data Protection Authority (PUODO):
    • participation during inspections, proceedings or procedures related to an incident (personal data protection breach), preparation of risk assessment,
  • acting as a contact point:
    • acting as a contact point for data subjects in all matters related to the processing of their personal data and their rights in this respect,
  • keeping the register of processing activities,
  • ongoing support in the area of personal data protection, including internal GDPR compliance audits
  • training