Tax and customs disputes

Tax and fiscal inspections are an immanent element of the entrepreneurs’ activity. Andersen advisors support clients in contacts and disputes with tax and fiscal authorities starting from the inspection until the procedure before administrative courts. Our services include:

  • assistance during tax and fiscal inspections, including contacts with the inspectors and preparation of letters and explanations,
  • preparation of applications and managing the issues concerning private letter rulings on the tax law,
  • representing taxpayers while they are interrogated as a party or a witness, including interrogations of staff or counterparties,
  • representing clients in proceedings before heads of Fiscal and Customs Chambers, aimed at annulment or change of the first instance body’s decision,
  • tax consultancy on extraordinary methods of contesting the tax decision, particularly in order to have the decision invalidated and re-open the proceedings, as well as prepare the relevant requests and managing the proceedings in this respect,
  • assisting in preparation of internal procedures in case of tax proceedings or tax inspection,
  • preparation of requests for issuance or change of private letter rulings.