Environmental protection

We provide legal assistance related to environmental impact of businesses. We have gained extensive experience in practical application of the environmental law and the related waste law and construction law (in respect of construction and management of environmental plants) during investment processes carried out by Andersen’s clients. We provide advice:

  • before the investment – by presenting legal reviews of the accuracy of investment planning, compliant with the Polish and EU environmental laws (compliance-related engagements).
  • during the investment process at the stages of preparation of the environmental impact assessment reports and documents required to obtain a decision of environmental conditions for an investment project,
  • in solving gas emission issues, water uptake and waste disposal, soil quality testing, noise protection, waste management,
  • in transactions of purchase and sale of greenhouse gas emissions reduction units,
  • in matters of obtaining and transfer of environmental permits/concessions (waste generation permits, permits under the water law, permits for discharge of gases and dust to the environment, integrated permits, water law permits),
  • in projects of renewable energy sources,
  • social responsibility of businesses in the area of environmental protection, including environmental contamination,
  • environmental law audits,

We represent clients in cases involving the Polish and EU environmental laws, before administrative authorities of all instances.