Our professionals offer comprehensive consultancy services in the area of VAT. Andersen’s clients are offered support in their everyday activity, including advice on transactions, as well as consultations intended to optimize tax settlements and mitigate risks. Our VAT-related services include in particular:

  • day-to-day consultancy on VAT accounting, including assistance during inspections, tax and fiscal proceedings;
  • ongoing support in VAT accounting of international transactions, including imports and exports;
  • optimization of VAT settlements,
  • assessment of the planned domestic and international transactions in terms of their effects and tax risks as well as potential tax optimization;
  • development of structures and forms of domestic and international transactions aimed to minimize the tax risks,
  • tax reviews intended to identify tax risks and improve settlement procedures,
  • registration of foreign entities for the purpose of the Polish VAT,
  • tax representation,
  • procedures for counterparty verification including due diligence to mitigate the risk of being involved in carousel fraud.