Criminal business law

Andersen in Poland offers legal assistance of experienced advocates in criminal cases, in particular with respect to economic crimes and fiscal crimes. Our advocates represent clients at the stage of preparatory proceedings and court proceedings, in respect of all crimes, in particular: corruption, money laundering, fraud, failure to pay creditors’ claims, illegal transfers of assets from business entities, artificial transactions and bankruptcy.

We advise on aspects of internal control in companies (such as cases of abuse, procedure relating to critical situations, inspections carried out by third parties, liability for product, accidents at work). We conduct criminal cases resulting from out-of-code regulations (environmental protection, commercial law) and in cases of criminal liability of members of governing bodies in corporations.

We also advise in critical situations to mitigate the risk of economic crime, i.e.:

  • crimes against creditors,
  • hindering the pursuit of claims,
  • unreliable documentation keeping,
  • crimes involving the abuse of trust,
  • the crime of bribery committed by the management,
  • illegal transfer of assets from business entities,
  • creative accounting,
  • artificial transactions,
  • transactions made using illegally obtained information.