Andersen lawyers advise on restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, both on the aspects of commercial law and tax optimization. We provide comprehensive services from the moment of identification of the problem, through consultations or negotiations with creditors and debtors, writing and filing petitions for bankruptcy and requests to secure claims. We represent parties before the court enforcement officer, the council of creditors, the court insolvency administrator.

Our lawyers’ restructuring experience includes:

  • bankruptcy risk analysis,
  • conclusion and approval of composition in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • wording proposals for restructuring of bankrupt’s liabilities, in particular: deferral of payment of the liabilities, spreading debts into installments, reduction of the sum total of debts,
  • conversion of debts into shares, change or waiver of the right securing a debt/claim,
  • agreeing convenient conditions for restructuring,
  • liquidating the bankrupt’s assets,
  • opinions on the inventory and estimation of the bankrupt’s assets and liquidation plan,
  • leading the recovery procedure in the event of a threat of insolvency, in particular assessing the recovery plan,
  • preparation and negotiation of increditor agreements,
  • regulating public trading in securities in the context of restructuring.