Tax incentives for new investment projects (Special Economic Zones)

A tax exemption for investment projects in Special Economic Zones and other areas in Poland based in decisions to support new investments are among the most attractive tools to attract investors implementing new ventures in Poland. They benefit from income tax exemptions for profits generated in the zone or in areas covered by the decision to support a new investment project. Andersen provides comprehensive services of legal and tax advice to entities that want to benefit from this tax incentive for their new projects or based on zoning permits and decisions to support an investment project.

We assist clients at each stage of investment projects covered by a tax exemption, starting from the stage of planning and obtaining a decision on support, through the investment project, up to accounting for the tax exemption in the zone based on a decision to support and the zoning permits issued in the past. We offer in particular:

  • assistance in applying for the decision to support and determining the conditions of the decision,
  • planning and simulation of benefits resulting from operating a business in a special economic zone,
  • consultancy on legal and tax aspects of the investment process, including advice on purchasing plots of land located within the zone,
  • assistance in classification of expenditure into eligible and non-eligible expenditure,
  • advising on classification of revenues and costs as liable to tax or exempt,
  • model settlements for entities located in areas which are or are not subject to exemption in observance of the transfer pricing regulations,
  • discounting the public aid and expenses incurred by the entrepreneur,
  • determining the public aid limits and monitoring the level of the use of the aid,
  • analysis of risks involved in business activity operated in a zone, and the possibility of their mitigation,
  • solving day-to-day tax accounting issues connected with the business activity based on zoning permits or decisions to support,
  • delivering training and workshops to explain the rules of operating business within special economic zones and related accounting issues,
  • representing entrepreneurs in disputes with tax authorities, fiscal inspection authorities, and in proceedings before administrative courts.